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Windshield chip repair Brownsburg, IN


We have set the standards for auto glass chip repair

At Sunny Days Window Tinting LLC, we’ve set the bar high for windshield chip repair in Brownsburg, IN. Our meticulous approach ensures not just a quick fix, but a comprehensive repair that restores the integrity of your windshield. We use the latest technology and techniques to seamlessly repair chips, maintaining the clarity and strength of your windshield.


Windshield chip repair saves thousands in replacements

Windshield chip repairs can save you thousands of dollars in potential windshield replacements. A small chip might seem insignificant, but if left unattended, it can quickly escalate into a larger crack, necessitating a full windshield replacement. Our repair services at Sunny Days Window Tinting LLC are not only cost-effective but also time-saving, preventing further damage and keeping your windshield in top condition.

What can I expect when repairing a windshield chip

When repairing a chip in your windshield, our primary focus at Sunny Days Window Tinting LLC is on restoring the glass’s integrity. This is crucial in preventing the chip from developing into a larger crack. Our process involves cleaning the area, injecting a special resin into the chip, and then curing it under UV light. This method not only fixes the visible damage but also reinforces the glass’s strength. You can expect a restored windshield with clarity and durability, effectively stopping the spread of damage and extending the life of your windshield.

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Get your windshield chip repair quote today

If you’re dealing with a windshield chip, don’t wait until it worsens. Contact Sunny Days Window Tinting LLC for a quick quote on our repair services. We offer efficient and effective solutions to keep your windshield in perfect condition.

Windshield chip repair FAQ

For more information about our windshield chip repair services, visit our FAQ section. Here, we address common questions and concerns, providing insights into our repair process and tips on how to maintain your windshield post-repair. It’s a valuable resource for vehicle owners in Brownsburg seeking to understand and benefit from our expert services.

Windshields are actually made with three layers, there are 2 sheets of glass with resin in between. The result of driving on the Brownsburg roads can end up having something chips the windshield, it usually only damages the outer layer. Our installers here at Sunny Days Window Tinting LLC can repair this outer layer with our specialist techniques!
You can still see where the point of impact occurred, but it will be very slight. If someone does not look closely, they probably would not see it. This fix is basically to prevent the crack from spreading and later requiring a new windshield which would be more costly.
Most insurance companies would rather waive the deductible price and have the damaged windshield repaired by a specialist like Sunny Days Window Tinting LLC rather than have it replaced since the cost is considerably less for a repair. Therefore, if you carry a comprehensive insurance policy regardless if you have a glass waiver or glass endorsement on your policy, most insurance companies will cover the full cost of the repair.
We do not charge for any failed repair, and once repaired. We do not deem a failed repair based on aesthetics, but we deem it on the structural integrity of the glass.
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