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The energy savings and window tinting reduce costs depending on how much visible and infrared light is reflected and absorbed by the window film. Even UV radiations can increase heat, but quality window films will block out over 99% of UV rays. Thus, choosing window tinting that blocks most of the infrared and visible light is essential if you want to reduce energy costs. The best window tinting in Herriman, UT, can reduce up to 80% of heat from sunlight. When you choose high-performance films, they are likely to have a reflective exterior appearance.


You can also find ordinary window films that block 55% of heat from sunlight. They stand out for their simple looks, as they are lighter in color and have lesser reflectivity. Then there are spectrally-selecting window films capable of blocking the same percentage of heat without having a dark or reflective surface. Such films block a higher percentage of infrared rays, and they help in retaining heat during the winter months. Overall energy savings can be in the range of 35% to 50% in a year. In addition, it is important to know that accurate energy savings can never be predicted for a particular application. The windows’ direction, size, numbers, and the glass type also influence.


Creating an energy-efficient house will help you save money on energy, particularly during hot summer days and freezing winter nights when you need to use your heating and cooling system the most. Fortunately, adding window tint in your house or place of business makes this easy. This might help you save money and make your life more pleasant.


Temperature, comfort, natural illumination, and cost-effectiveness are all inextricably linked. Installing excellent window film in your house may help you save money in the long run while also improving your comfort and quality of life. When searching for qualified window tint specialists, be sure only to trust experienced experts so you can be confident that they have the expertise, skills, experience, and quality products and equipment to transform your home into an energy-efficient house.


KEPLER is your local window tint company composed of professionals who would be more than willing to walk you through the differences of each tint. Aside from this, we at KEPLER also make sure that we offer our clients the best quality of products and services. If you want to know more about us and what we do, you can check out our website at www.kepler-dealer.com.

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